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Palisades Community Bible Church supports the following missions organizations:

International Missions

missionsThe Gideons have a mission with a single focus: To win lost souls to Jesus Christ through both the personal sharing of faith and in distributing God’s Word in areas such as hotels, prisons and nursing homes.

missionsThe mission of Hebrew Christian Fellowship is to lovingly and sensitively present the Gospel of Messiah Jesus to Jewish people directly through support of established, active ministries in the land of Israel and indirectly through the equipping of believers in local churches for effective witness to Jewish people in their circles of influence.

missionsMissionary Flights International is a private non-profit mission aviation service to Christian missions serving in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. Established in 1964, MFI provides professional on-going air support to affiliated missions that work in these island nations. Our full-service aviation ministry is a lifeline to the mission community as they strive to meet the needs of the poverty stricken people throughout the Caribbean, and share the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

missionsTeen Missions is a pioneer of the concept of providing short term missions experience for teens with confidence that as young people saw the mission field first-hand, they would see the pressing needs of the world.

missions The Voice of the Martyrs is a non-profit, inter-denominational Christian organization dedicated to assisting the persecuted church worldwide.


missionsWorld Team is an interdenominational mission agency with sending centers in Australia, Canada and the US. Our 350+ members serve in 28 countries among 59 distinct people groups. Our hope-filled future is bound up in sharing the story of Jesus, in discipling others, in bringing those disciples together into communities of believers, and in developing and releasing those believers to create other communities …until Jesus comes again.

missions Christian Vetinary Mission exists to share the love of Christ through veterinary medicine. Working in communities worldwide, CVM equips and encourages veterinary professionals and students to build relationships with others through the use of their veterinary knowledge and skills so that lives are transformed.

missions Ethos360 (formerly New Tribes Missions) is the USA branch of an international alliance of church planting organizations. We work among people groups who have had little or no access to the Bible, in Africa, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific Region. While providing practical help such as medical care, community development and literacy education, missionaries share Bible lessons that allow the people to choose for themselves whether to believe on Jesus Christ and follow Him.



missionsLife Abundant Ministries is a ministry driven to seek after the mind of God, to find our purpose as we walk in the abundance of life.


missionsThe Crossroads Pregnancy Center is dedicated to providing compassionate care to women, their partners and family members who are experiencing the crisis of an unexpected pregnancy or hurting from a past abortion. All clients are served regardless of age, race, income, nationality, residence or religious affiliation. We are committed to providing honest answers and information regarding pregnancy options. We do not recommend or refer for abortions or abortofacients (such as the Morning After Pill) but will offer accurate information about abortion procedures and risks.

missionsHaycock Camping Ministries is ready to help equip your child with the skills needed to meet physical, social and spiritual challenges. Located in southeastern Pennsylvania, Haycock offers a varied and comprehensive camping program and provides the ideal setting for kids to commit their lives to Christ and grow in Him.