Palisades Community Bible Church

Palisades Community Bible Church is a non-denominational, Bible-believing church where the Word of God is preached and taught. Our worship is a blend of traditional and contemporary music. 
Everyone is welcome to our Sunday morning service from 10:00 to 11:15. Every 4th Sunday we also have a luncheon fellowship time after the service.

Come as you are and worship our God with us!

For more information please call 610-847-2637.


7-3-22 Liberty Sunday!

Welcome Special Needs!

We are thrilled you are interested in fellowshipping with us at PCBC, and we want to make every effort to understand and accommodate your needs as best we can. For information on special needs assistance please call Pastor Seltzer at 610-847-2637.

Grief Support Group

Weekly Schedule

Sunday Worship Service

Morning Worship Service 10:00am – 11:30am

Ladies Bible Study

Mondays 7:00pm

Men’s Coffee Fellowship

Tuesdays 6:30am at Brig O’ Doon

Young Adults Bible Study

Thursdays 7:30pm at Tom and Sandy’s


7-06-22 Status is normal: there are no meeting cancellations at this time.


6-19-22 Father’s Day with the VanSumerens!

6-12-22 Reunion With Steve and Kelly

6-5-22 Communion and Summer Family Hour

5-29-22 The Book of Revelation Chapters 8-9

5-22-22 The Book of Revelation Chapter 7

5-15-22 The Book of Revelation Chapter 6

5-8-22 Mother’s Day Sunday and the Holy Spirit in the Book of Revelation Part #3

5-1-22 The Holy Spirit in the Book of Revelation, Part 2

4-24-22 The Holy Spirit in the Book of Revelation

4-17-22 "God We Exalt You!” Easter - Resurrection Sunday

4-10-22 "God We Exalt You!” Palm Sunday

4-3-22 "God We Exalt You!” Communion & Membership

3-27-22 America’s Keswick Sunday

3-20-22 The Divine Spirit and His Healing

3-13-22 Spiritual Gifts Pt. 3

3-6-22 Spiritual Gifts Pt. 2

2-27-22 Spiritual Gifts

2-20-22 Walking in the Holy Spirit

2-13-22 Praying in the Holy Spirit

2-6-22 Communion Sunday

1-30-22 “Holy Spirit Baptism and Filling”

1-23-22 “Holy Spirit Person and Power”

1-16-22 “God We Exalt You!”

12-26-21 Post Christmas Sunday

12-19-21 Fourth Advent Christmas Season

12-12-21 Third Advent Christmas Season

12-5-21 Second Advent Christmas Season

11-28-21 First Advent Christmas Season

11-21-21 Thanksgiving Edition

11-14-21 “Revelation The Unveiling #11”

11-7-21 “Revelation The Unveiling #10”

10-31-21 “Revelation The Unveiling #9”

10-24-21 “Revelation The Unveiling #8”

10-17-21 “Revelation The Unveiling #7”

10-10-21 “Revelation The Unveiling #6”

10-3-21 Communion and Parent Dedication

9-26-21 “Check Your Spiritual Toolbox!”

9-19-21 “Revelation- The Unveiling #5”

9-12-21 “Revelation- The Unveiling #4”

9-5-21 “Revelation- The Unveiling #3” Happy Labor Day and Rosh Hashanah!

8-29-21 “Revelation- The Unveiling #2”

8-22-21 “Revelation The Unveiling #1”

8-8-21 “Finding God in Confusion!”

8-1-21 “Communion and Finding God in Crisis”

7-25-21 “Contending in the Joy!”

7-18-21 “Contending With Life’s Greatest Tragedies!”

7-11-21 “Would You Like to Be King For a Day?”

7-4-21 “Praying for America the Beautiful this Independence Day.”

Brent Brigg's Weekly Bible Study


5-29-22 Why Doesn’t God Love Me As I Am?

5-8-22 Dealing With Misleading Logic

4-24-22 Moving Day!

4-18-22 Can You Tell The Difference?

3-27-22 For Mature Christians

3-20-22 Sin Will Always Do More Than You Expect

2-20-22 Who’s Image Is On YOU?

1-30-22 What Is So Important About The Sabbath?

1-23-22 Who Is Running Interference For You?

1-16-22 What Was The Leading Cause of Death in 2021?

1-9-22 The Most Dangerous Element In Any Society

1-2-22 The Blind Man And The Lame Man

12-5-21 Why Don’t We Have The Mind Of God?

11-28-21 Why Get To Know Onesimus?

10-3-21 What is the Meaning of Life?

9-26-21 What Is Your Worship Language?

9-19-21 Who were the original 12 Apostles?

9-12-21 What Are The Jewish Holidays?

9-5-21 Gratitude

8-29-21 If It's Not In The Bible Can We Believe What We Want?

8-22-21 Why Don’t We Have The Mind Of God?

8-15-21 What Is A Bible Concordance?

8-8-21 Is There A Sin So Great That It Blocks The Gospel?

8-1-21 What Is Bad About Big?

7-25-21 Can a Christian be a Patriot?

7-18-21 What Can America Learn from Hosea?

7-11-21 What Is The Illusory Truth Effect?

7-4-21 What Is God’s Wrath?

6-27-21 Do You Believe In Science?

6-26-21 Jesus Was Accused of Inciting a Civil War

6-13-21 Are You An Independent Thinker?

6-6-21 What Will Help You Live Longer?

5-23-21 Why Does God Bless Me?

5-16-21 Was Judas Foretold In The Old Testament?

5-9-21 What is Gaslighting?

5-2-21 Are Christianity And Psychology Incompatible?

4-18-21 Who Were The Famous “Forty Wrestlers?”

4-18-21 What Is Baptism?

4-11-21 What Is Bible Study?

4-4-21 What Is The Most Mysterious Thing About God?

3-28-21 What Is The Greatest Event In Human History?

3-21-21 Is God Interested In Your Money?

3-14-21 How Does God Answer Prayer?

3-7-21 The Devil Made Me Do It!

1-11-21 The Gunsmoke Phenomenon – It Takes Two Mobs